BUA's artwork is a true representation of a culture that defines who I am. I proudly display it wherever I go to remind me of home!

artist, USA

I was introduced to BUA's artwork by my brother and I was an immediate fan. BUA is a representation of our times and our people and he captures a spirit in his subjects. When looking at his art, you can hear the music playing, feel the heat coming off the street, or wanna join in on the dancing.

artist, USA

Thanks for being an inspirational artist and mentor! This is one of my favorite pieces and because of that, my family got you to sign it, one of my most cherished things and I hope to grow my collecteion when I can.

Jacksonville, FL

My very first and favorite BUA piece!
My sister bought me this painting 8 years ago when I was tagging train cars in the yards of Jacksonville. Not only does it motivate me to hit the pen and pad, it reminds me oh so clearly of my past and my teenage years, nothing would slow me down!


BUA inspires. BUA motivates. His work sends a message that I relate to.


Trumpet Man encompasses all that is BUA. The urban background in the night sky, the passion in the trumpeter's closed eyes, his shirt and tie adding a sense of belonging to the modern world of business and technology all while the symbol of black power and love for his people sits atop his head in the Afro. Trumpet Man enriches our sense of what is most important in life—what we all should strive, passion, and pride.


A thank you to my favorite artist.


When I’m asked to describe Justin BUA’s art, I think of Ralph Steadman colliding with Ernie Barnes. He’s very now and very rooted in the modern urban tradition. Check him out!

BUA’s power as an artist stems from his ability to make us relate to what is universal–regardless of our ethnicity or cultural upbringing. His work is about ONENESS, guiding us to transcend boundaries and celebrate what moves everyone- passion, emotion, and love. BUA’s world is a community everyone belongs to. Tony and I have been huge fans of BUA's for years, and now we are proud collectors. We saw this book in the making and are thrilled it’s finally out.

Unique! Exciting! Current! Thanks for the art of Justin BUA!
—BERRY GORDY, founder of Motown

Real recognizes real.
—KOOL HERC, "Father of Hip Hop”

BUA’s stylish renderings jump right at you, hits you between the eyes with their energy, with key elements caricatured, blown up, to focus on the essence of funk. If BUA’s art came any closer to what’s going on, you’d hear the jive working.
—ELMORE LEONARD, New York Times best selling author, Jackie Brown

BUA hits all the elements of Hip Hop. His work is an element unto itself. He makes you relate to what is universal, regardless of ethnicity or cultural upbringing. His world is oneness- a community everyone belongs to. Redefining the expression of art, BUA is a modern Michelangelo.
—RHAZEL, “The Human Beatbox,” The Roots, “The Godfather of Noyze”

BUA's work moves me on a level that no other art has before. His hard work and dedication have taught me a lot about the discipline it takes to be a great artist. He inspires me to explore the unchallenged obstacles in scratching. BUA's art is a lesson to all: whatever art you choose to practice, learn both the technical and creative sides—don't try to skip the basics or like BUA says, 'Don't avoid drawing the hands and feet!'
—DJ QBERT, Thud Rumble and Invisible Scratch Pickles

BUA's art is representative of today's ethnically diverse urban culture. He has a complete grasp of all the elements of Hip Hop and the inner feeling of its music. BUA truly represents the Hip-Hop movement: the most popular culture of our era.
—CRAZY LEGS, Rock Steady Crew

Every era has its cultural icons. Innovators in the fields of music, theater, entertainment and the arts. Modern graffiti is the art of the HIP HOP culture. BUA is the next level in the documentation and re-interpretation of this culture. His vision is like a telescope into the hearts and minds of our generation. He represents a positive side of our culture. Bravo!
—GRANDMASTER CAZ, Cold Crush Brothers

There is no book like The Beat of Urban Art which combines visual art with history, social commentary, and a narrative autobiography. In a time of re-dos, re-makes, and re-mixes, BUA has spearheaded a truly unique and original style. His work will be some of the only from our era to stand the test of time. Your children’s children’s children will love BUA.

Yo, mad love to BUA, a true innovator that represents true art. I consider him to be the freshest of them all. He's got flavor from the heart, mind, body, and soul. For me, that's true Hip Hop. That's life.

There’s an intense energy and spirit moving behind Justin BUA’s art—something mythical, ancestral, otherworldly, yet thoroughly modern with a thread to the future. This is art that has as much news as a newspaper, as much soul as a church revival, as much Hip and Hop, jazz and bop, as a Miles Davis trumpet solo.
—LUIS J. RODRIGUEZ, author, Always Running, La Vida Loca, Gang Days in LA and Hearts & Hands: Creating Community in Violent Times

BUA's art achieves its universal appeal in the way of most great artists, through impecible craftsmanship and an understanding of the disciple of drawing and painting that very few posses. What is especially remarkable is that he achieves such broad appeal without any loss of cultural power and authenticity. For those of us raised on hip-hop he has no peer. When we see BUA's art we see his love for us.
—AARON MCGRUDER, creator, The Boondocks

BUA reps the culture raw.
—MR. WIGGLES, Electric Boogaloos, Rock Steady Crew

I love BUA's eye. As in great writing, all the distortions and stylizations only make the art feel more true. He is a master at capturing the color and the noise, the seriocomic characters and the splendorous ugly of city life. His gift is to let us see the world anew.
—JEFF CHANG, author Can't Stop Won't Stop: A History of The Hip-Hop Generation